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Vercel domain stuck on generating SSL certificate

I am an avid user of Vercel’s platform. It’s easy to use and the UX is a joy. From time to time I do run into head-scratching issues that require doing a bit of reasearch to figure out.

I recently configured a Production Deployment domain name - usually a straight forward process - via Settings -> Domains. I added the domain name and waited for the A and CNAME (www) DNS record changes to propagate.

After a few hours I went to Vercel’s Settings -> Domains dashboard to find that the domain name and www subdomain were both stuck on “Generating SSL Certificate”.

This was something that I had not previously experienced with other domain names. What I have usually experienced is once Vercel is able to detect your DNS changes, the letsencrypt.org SSL generation takes a minute max.

From reading Vercel’s docs I deduced that perhaps my domain name was associated with another certificate authority, though I did not see another CAA record in the DNS to verify this, and this is what caused the issue.

Since we use Let's Encrypt for our automatic SSL certificates, you must add a CAA record with the value 0 issue "letsencrypt.org" if other CAA records already exist on your domain.

So, I needed to set the right CAA (Certificate Authority Authorization) DNS record for my domain. I added a CAA record with the value 0 issue "letsencrypt.org".

Once I made this DNS change and the change propagated, I still had to remove the domain name and www subdomain from Vercel’s Settings -> Domains dashboard then readd them in order to re-trigger the certificate generation.

Note: Subdomains inherit the CAA record so there is no need to add a record for www if you have already added it for the root domain name.